Online Keno Casino Games Australia

Keno is a game very close to that of bingo, and is thought to have originated back in the mists of time with the Ancient Chinese. These days many modern twists have been added, since you can now take part at a casino in a live-call game, or, as more and more Australians are choosing to do, participate by means of the internet, and enjoy playing it at your own convenience online. There are many Australian-friendly websites that allow you to play safely and securely for real money wins!

If you have no experience with the game the internet is a wonderful way to start learning it, since there are many free versions of keno available for you to practice on until you find your groove and are confident that you will be able to win any money you may wager back in spades! It is a very simple game to learn, and you will be on your feet and betting with the best of them far more quickly than you may have imagined!

Starting to Play Keno Online

Online keno follows the structure of games that take place at brick and mortar venues, and a total of 20 balls will be drawn. The aim of the player is to try to predict what numbers these balls will be –there are 80 different possibilities, and players can bet on 15, or sometimes more, depending on the variation they are enjoying.

Keno play begins with players selecting the size of their chips, and then choosing the numbers they feel will be drawn by clicking on the virtual board and highlighting them. Players are able to undo this process by clicking on the numbers again if they want to change their bets.

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Players then select the amount of balls allowed for in the variation they are playing, usually 15, and can review the payout available for the amount of numbers guessed correctly. The game begins when the player selects the play button, and the numbers drawn will be highlighted on the keno board as this happens. When a number that the player has selected and the number of the ball drawn match this will be indicated by the space on the board for it changing colour, and, when all the balls have been drawn the player will receive the payout he or she has earned at once. Players can then choose to start a new game if they wish to, and can keep the same numbers as their selection by immediately selecting the Play button, or pick different options by using the Clear button.

Online Keno Sites in Australia

Although playing keno is very easy to do, finding a trustworthy real money site is slightly more difficult, as there are a wide variety of these available to Australian players. steps in to assist you with making responsible, secure choices as to where to start enjoying this great game of chance, as every single aspect of the sites we make available by means of our site has been investigated in great detail. See how lucky you get when you make use of to find great real money games now!